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Mechanized Farming Services

— Welcome to SAO-Decorum Ltd’s Mechanized Farming Services, where we bring innovation and precision to your agricultural endeavours. Our services are designed to help you maximize productivity, reduce labour, and achieve outstanding results. Explore our categories below to see how we can transform your farming operations 

Farmland Clearing and Preparation

We help you save time and effort while ensuring a clean and organized start to your farming season. Prepare your land for cultivation with our professional farmland-clearing services. Let’s clear obstacles, debris, and vegetation, to provide a clean canvas for your farming projects.

Mechanized Harvesting

We understand that faster and more efficient harvesting reduces post-harvest losses and ensures fresher produce. That is why we make harvesting easy with our mechanized solutions. We offer mechanical harvesting services for various crops, including maize and cassava, to streamline your harvest season.

Mechanical Planting

Say goodbye to manual planting and achieve uniformity and consistency to ensure improved crop yield and reduced planting time. Our mechanical planting services cover maize, sorghum, rice, cassava, soybeans, and more.

Drone Mapping

Harness the power of technology with our drone mapping services. Get detailed aerial insights into your farm, helping you make informed decisions, enhance crop monitoring for higher yields and optimize resource allocation.